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Informed by Knowledge and Experience, Inspired by Collaboration, Creativity and Possibility

The public sector is facing unprecedented challenges. These cannot be overcome by working in silos or with a single focus. Collectively we need to better understand the impact that our decisions have on others, including departments, organisations, communities, people and the environment. Without this feeling of connection, both strategic and individual practitioners can lose their sense of purpose. This affects the confidence and wellbeing of the whole workforce and of the people and communities they serve.

Inspired Purpose can act as a critical friend, working with you to develop cultural and operational change and refocus. We support strategic leaders to develop collaborative partnerships and help operational leads apply new approaches to improve their confidence, clarity and creativity.

Our executive, systemic and individual blended coaching offers draw on our knowledge and experience from:

  • strategic and operational health and social care practice
  • strategic management
  • commissioning
  • leadership of multi-agency collaborative partnerships
  • co-production (ensuring people are at the heart of future service planning)
  • raising the profile of Independent Funds and Micro Providers.

We are experienced in providing executive blended coaching and leadership approaches and can work with your training and development departments to provide a range of support such as critical inquiry into practice, system baseline reviews and the identification of gaps analysis. These processes inform both your business strategy and your plans for workforce training. We can also help you repurpose your departments, teams and organisations based on positive strengths based approaches. This will help improve people’s independence, opportunities and wellbeing as a member of their community.

There are many levers and opportunities to help refocus and shape existing partnerships or develop new collaborations. Positive examples of collaboration already exist and we draw on these in our work. Refocusing on purpose helps remind those in the public sector about the need to improve the lives of the communities which they serve.

Amongst the policy levers we can use to shape a new approach to the delivery of health and social care are:

  • the development of Integrated Care System and ICPs
  • the recently launched Autism Strategy (England)
  • the Social Care Recovery Framework (Wales)
  • Mental Health Act Reform
  • The Health and Social Care Quality and Engagement (Wales)
  • UK’s Disability Strategy
  • growing awareness of the environment and carbon impact and a commitment to finding solutions.

With great deprivation comes great challenge. Here at Inspired Purpose we believe that even difficult problems can be solved given sufficient time, expertise, and commitment. Our ambition is to reduce the inequalities of communities through broader partnerships. Communities themselves that have the greatest understanding of their own needs and can help identify meaningful solutions that work. For maximum impact our partnerships should be collaborations for the mutual benefit of all and focus on wider, interconnected, impacts to support greater wellbeing for all including the environment.

Examples of what we can offer

Strategy development

We can help you develop your strategic ambition in a way that focuses upon the improved lives, resilience and wellbeing of your communities. Our support is based on an up to date and detailed understanding of local and national priorities, policies, and statutory requirements.

Specialist strategic support

We can support you to develop partnerships and systems in specific, specialist areas. Our team is experienced in both an operational and strategic level in areas such as learning disability, autism and mental health across health and social care.

Implementation support

We can support your implementation through effective Leadership development and culture shaping or through individual, team and systemic Executive Coaching. This can also lead to supporting the implementation of practices that lead to improved individuals outcomes.

Effective collaboration

The right collaborative arrangements support a more integrated or aligned approach for any business. We can facilitate partnerships with communities through co-production and cross-departmental engagement and ownership within Local Government.

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