Personal Coaching

Coaching to connect you with your own inspiration and purpose

We use coaching, compassionate conversation and wellbeing practices and personal and small group coaching to enable you to connect with your own inspiration and purpose.

We provide specific sessions or create a blended approach called Connected Coaching that utilises practices such as nature and art creation making your experience as unique as you are.

We also provide small mutual group sessions such as Connected Coaching Circles or Connecting with Nature Walks.

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If you are interested in working with us and joining our Inspired Network, please complete your details and one of our collaborators will be in touch.

The ‘Inspired Network’ includes key partners who share our values and aspirations. By joining, you will co-create a culture of mutual benefit, directly adding social and environmental value. When you join you will receive the Inspired Purpose Icon. This demonstrates your commitment and support for our Inspired Network and contribution to the benefits we co-create.

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