Shirin Yoko & Inspired by Nature

Nature emersion mindfulness practice that connects you to the natural world and improves your wellbeing

Shirin Yoko, or Forest Bathing, is a nature emersion mindfulness practice that connects you to the natural world and in particular, trees. There is a body of evidence that recognises the health and wellbeing benefits in reconnecting with nature.

The recognition of the impact of separation we have from nature and each other is starting to gain an evidence base in the uk with research undertaken at Derby University the most recent in the uk identifying the psychological and physiological benefits of spending time in nature. In particular being present in nature, connecting with the environment around you. This has been recognised by the Japanese for decades with the issuing of “park prescriptions” in urban areas to combat the impact of the disconnection with the natural environment. Forest therapy is integrated within the national healthcare practices in Asia, recognising it benefits for reducing stress, improving emotional and mental wellbeing and chronic illness.

At Inspired Purpose we are certified to practice Shirin Yoko to provide individual and groups walks. We hold the space for people to mindfully engage with the environment which is evidenced to have a positive impact upon their emotional, neurological, physical and mental wellbeing. As part of the experience support people to reflect on they can apply nature connection to their everyday lives.

We adapt the offer for people who cannot access a woodland, bringing nature to them and support them in connecting to nature around them through mindfulness nature walks or sitting practice.

Shirin Yoko and Nature Connective Practices are also included as part of our Personal Wellbeing Coaching Offer, followed up with coaching conversations.

It is also included within the Executive Holistic Coaching offer for leaders and senior teams. It also features as part of the RePurposing offer cultural change offer.

Forest bathing and Nature Connective practices can be provided to local areas as part of a Social Prescribing offer. Please contact us should you wish to explore this further.

For more information on the research in the uk please see:

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