Together, courageously achieving your purpose, through collaboration and connection.

Now is the time to remove barriers and introduce creativity and collaboration. Building capacity and growth in ourselves, business, and systems, so that, people, communities and the environment can thrive.

Zandrea Stewart, FRSA

Welcome to Inspired Purpose

Building possibility through creating mutually beneficial opportunities

Our approach is founded in values of inclusivity, equity, and respect. We hold the ambition that by coming together, we can create collaborative partnerships to achieve social and environmental value through the creation of mutual benefit and real outcomes for real people.

Tap into your wisdom and purpose through utlising coaching, values driven leadership, creative exploration and connecting to nature.

Inspired Purpose is unique, we recognise the synergies between businesses, the public sector, communities, people’s wellbeing, and the environment. We will work alongside you to maximise your insights, skills, connections, and co-creative potential.

We have a wide range of offers that can stand alone or can be combined, providing you with an offer as unique as you are. These include a range of coaching approaches (systemic, executive, connected, holistic), System Leadership, Consultancy, Critical Friends, Facilitation, Strength Based and Wellbeing Holistic Practices such as Shirin Yoko (forest bathing), mindfulness and meditation.

Our experience as health and social care leaders and professionals informs our systemic, co-produced, strength-based professional approaches. We enable progressive reflective practice across health, social care, Integrated Care Systems and Public Health. We proactively seek to work with you to co-create the conditions to enable the foundations for place based collaborative communities, inclusive of local providers, businesses, and community members. As registered professionals we also offer supervision and reflective practice support for social workers and coaches.

As mental health and wellbeing practitioners we can support personal and group wellbeing by enabling you to feel connected to your sense of purpose and inspiration, enabling growth, resilience, and your potential for success.

Choose us as co-creators on your path and we will connect with your inspiration, creating the right conditions for your personal, community and business purpose to shine.

The Importance of Purpose

Purpose is important for mental wellbeing and living a positive, meaningful life. When true purpose is disrupted, redirected, or unachievable, we can lose our sense of self and our connection to both others and the environment around us.

A lack of clear purpose and vision can also negatively impact systems and businesses. Culture, performance, and workforce wellbeing, customer satisfaction, reputation and sustainability are all intrinsically linked to purpose.

Today’s workforce seeks a connection to their organisation’s purpose whilst consumers are increasingly conscious about sustainability, regeneration, and fairness.

Our range of offers enables people to explore and connect with their personal, professional and business purpose. Working with us you will be inspired to live a more fulfilled and connected life.

When we connect with nature, others or ourselves, a spark is ignited, emotions get involved and we set off on a journey. Ruth Allen 2021

inspired by people and the natural world

We understand that if we are to contribute to the regeneration and sustainability of our planet and tackle the deprivation and inequalities that people face, then we need to create new synergies in how we live and work and between business, the public sector and communities.

Inspired People

Inspired Communities

Inspired By Nature

Inspired Business

Inspired Public Sector & Systems

Inspired Purpose Approach

Our purpose is to create the possibility of something greater

Community Inclusion, Resilience and Wellbeing
Working with communities, businesses, health and social care to create a landscape of equality, collaboration and opportunities to grow.

Creating opportunities for connectivity for people, groups, businesses and systems with nature and each other for social, wellbeing and environmental benefit.

Personal Wellbeing and Growth
Providing you with a safe space and the creative tools to help you find your stillness and spark so you can flourish and your inner confidence shines.

Co-creating with you to achieve your ambitions whilst creating the conditions to positively contribute to the planet.

Social & Environmental
Working with you to create the space and opportunities for people and communities to develop greater connections with nature and each other.

Positive Impact
Our offer is for everyone, with the proceeds of paying customers enabling communities and individuals to access our services.

Join us and contribute to a brighter and positive future in which the planet and its inhabitants thrive. By coming together through our paid work, gifted offers or via membership of our Inspired Network, Inspired Purpose can help you play a greater part.

Your connection to Inspired Purpose offers you unique opportunities. Our extensive experience, knowledge and skills allow us to connect with Communities, Businesses and Health and Social Care Collaborators in new and exciting ways.

Be part of the solution – create the better future society you want and need with Inspired Purpose.

Inspired Clients

A courageous, connected approach to living and working.

"Reality itself is like a spider web that stretches infinitely in all directions, and at each intersection is a drop of water that reflects all other drops of water"

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