Inspired Offers

We offer a range of practices, therapeutic models and approaches when working with individuals, groups and teams. These include Shrin Yoko (Forest Bathing), personal coaching and mindfulness, connecting to nature and utilising art or movement as ways support individual or group connectivity and inspiration. Choose one of these offers (see the tabs below) or we can develop a blended offer tailored around your specific ambitions.

We work with individuals, the public sector, not for profit community businesses and large corporate business. Our skills and experience include personal and executive coaching, leadership, transformation, strategy, operational delivery, commissioning and partnership / systems / culture development. We can work with you in your space face to face (Covid conditions dependant), virtually and ‘On Location’ in special spaces in nature (see the individual offers).

Personal Wellbeing Coaching

We use coaching, compassionate conversation and wellbeing practices in personal and small group coaching to enable you to connect with your own inspiration and purpose.
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Executive Coaching

We work with business leaders to explore their strengths, creating inspiration and ambition for their professional lives, their teams and organisation.
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Community Coaching

Our Community Coaching Model gives free opportunities to communities and individuals who otherwise could not access them. They can then also benefit from compassionate conversations and coaching.
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RePurposing Business

RePurposing and Culture Evolution brings together a range of approaches to support your business and organisation to be relevant in todays market.
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Shirin Yoko and Nature

Shirin Yoko, or Forest Bathing, is a nature emersion mindfulness practice connecting you to your natural world, particularly trees. A body of evidence recognises the benefits to health and emotional wellbeing that come from reconnecting with nature. We are all a part of nature, being separated means we are less than we could be.
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Public Sector Systems Leadership

Inspired Purpose can act as a critical friend, working with you to develop cultural and operational change and to refocus. We support strategic leaders to develop collaborative partnerships and help operational leads apply new approaches to improve their confidence, clarity and creativity.
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Inspired Purpose does not fit into a box, it is not limited by boundaries and we cannot be pulled off a shelf. We are unique as the people, systems, communities and businesses we work with. We want to reach further, be bolder, expand our reach by being collaborative and creative. We will bring enthusiasm, commitment, joy and possibility through inclusivity, partnership and exploration. We will work alongside you, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

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If you are a community business or interested individual who would value our support, but have concerns about the cost please do still get in touch. We offer subsidised offers and rates to small community businesses and free / nominal fee support to individuals.

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The ‘Inspired Network’ includes key partners who share our values and aspirations. By joining, you will co-create a culture of mutual benefit, directly adding social and environmental value. When you join you will receive the Inspired Purpose Icon. This demonstrates your commitment and support for our Inspired Network and contribution to the benefits we co-create.

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