Inspired Purpose Approach

Our Purpose is to create the possibility of something greater

Our offer is for everyone, with the proceeds of paying customers enabling community business and individuals to access our services and offers. We are partners on your journey, facilitating and co-creating the potential for greatness for people and the planet, so all involved can flourish, shine and ‘Pass it On’. No one person or business can do this alone. Together we will create opportunities of mutual benefit, no matter how big or small, that positively contribute to people, communities and the environment in which we all live.

Community Inclusion, Resilience and Wellbeing

Working with communities, businesses, health and social care creating a landscape for equality, collaboration and the opportunity to grow. Tackling the impact of inequality and deprivation upon communities and the people that live within them.

We know that the natural environment is an essential part of the local community and its inclusion will support communities and people to flourish.


A co-creator in reaching beyond traditional boundaries. Recognising that when we come together greater things can happen. Including the natural world as a key partner.

Working with people seeking the opportunity to creatively explore personal aspirations with like minded people for a more purposeful and connected future.

Working with businesses and the public sector developing collaborative and connective approaches.

Personal Wellbeing and Growth

Your partner as you embark on your personal and professional journey of inspiration and exploration. You will flourish and become more connected to yourself, people and the environment around you.

We provide a safe space and the creative tools to help you find your stillness and spark so that you can flourish and your inner confidence shine through.

We create safe creative spaces for small groups of like minded people.


Co Creating with you as a organisation, business or systems to achieve your ambitions whilst creating the conditions to positively contribute to the planet and those that live in her.

We will review your existing purpose and creatively work alongside you to identify opportunities to develop a more conscious, sustainable and positively impactful way of achieving your goals.

We facilitate your repurpose journey. Creating a culture of wellbeing, possibility and mutual benefit for your workforce, customers and the community of which you are part.

Social & Environmental

We all play a part in creating a society that sees the possibility for a brighter, conscious and connected future. We will be your partner as you explore what it means to you be that person, community, business (large or small) or public sector system.

We will be with you in your space facilitating the co-creation and embodiment of the social and environmental value benefits right for you and your purpose.

Working with you as a business to achieve opportunities that are mutually beneficial for communities and the environment. We create the space and opportunities for people and communities to develop greater connections with each other and with nature.

Positive Impact

Our Purpose is to create the possibility of something greater. Our offer is for everyone, with the proceeds of paying customers enabling community business and individuals to access our offers.

As partners on your journey we facilitate and co-create the potential for people and the planet to be great. This means everyone involved can flourish, shine and ‘Pass it On’.

As a member of the Inspired Network you will be promoting the ambition to create social and environmental value for people, communities and the environment in which you are a part.

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The ‘Inspired Network’ includes key partners who share our values and aspirations. By joining, you will co-create a culture of mutual benefit, directly adding social and environmental value. When you join you will receive the Inspired Purpose Icon. This demonstrates your commitment and support for our Inspired Network and contribution to the benefits we co-create.

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