Zandrea is an insightful, positive and experienced coach

Zandrea leadership and facilitation with the IPC Team have provided an invaluable consultative resource to adult services over the past 18 months, providing a unique approach, support and direction to our learning disability transformation programme. IPC have provided effective professional insight and challenge in order to co-produce and co-design services in different way to enhance the current service offer and inform future commissioning intentions. As part of the transformation, we have already seen a positive change in cultural and approach within the Council and our partners and commissioned and, most importantly, it has strengthened our relationships with people with a learning disability, their parents and carers. The results so far have spoken for themselves. Zandrea and the IPC comes highly recommended.

Zandrea is an insightful, positive and experienced coach. I have found the coaching focused, motivating and enabling. It has provided me with space to think and reflect and helped me examine big picture personal and organisational strategies as well as a confidential space to explore some of the more difficult smaller issues that affected my day-to-day role. I have found my time with Zandrea really beneficial, even as a very experienced leader and manager, developing my own resilience in a very demanding job. I am more accepting of myself and can focus on my strengths and what I bring.

Zandrea’s values in addition to her direct experience of senior health and social services leadership and transformation has provided additional benefit and insights to the coaching offer she provides. I would recommend Zandrea without hesitation; the coaching has helped to positively move me forward.

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