Zandrea brings to her work vast knowledge and experience of issues

In that role, Zandrea has had monthly meetings with the borough’s Autism Inclusion lead officer. I have attended a part of many of those meetings both alongside the relevant officer and individually.

Zandrea prepares for these meetings and conducts them in a professional manner which is quite exemplary. Consequently, optimal use is made of the time available.

Zandrea brings to her work vast knowledge and experience of issues which are at the forefront of the concerns of the autistic community. Her awareness and knowledge of national developments have been of particular value to us.

The borough Autism Strategy gained the support of all relevant local stakeholders (both autistic and neurotypical), of which the support of our health partners has been most noteworthy. The Action Plan is still a work in progress albeit close to conclusion, and has great potential to bring about a significant improvement in the lives of Croydon’s autistic community.

I warmly commend Zandrea’s skill in managing professional relationships, her evident professional expertise, and her ability to engineer practical steps to translate ideas into actions.

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