Coaching has been great, I certainly don’t regret taking up the opportunity

I’ve never received coaching previously.

When Sharon suggested coaching I was keen to make the most of the opportunity, aware that in simple terms I think coaching is about helping people to ‘do their jobs better’ – at the time I was in a role that involved ‘juggling a lot of balls’, was responsible for multiple projects and line manager to a lot of people. I felt like I needed any help I could get! But I was a bit nervous as well, as I’ve not had this investment in ‘me’ and didn’t really know what to expect!

Coaching has been great, I certainly don’t regret taking up the opportunity – it’s given me a regular bit of time out to think about me, my role, and how to do the best I can. It’s been protected time to think about how I present myself, my actions and commitments and  all-important for me – job satisfaction.

Coaching has helped me to think about the role I was in and how to take action to take control of the situation and positively move on. Coaching has helped me to be confident, prepare for communication more effectively and be organised – thinking about the image I want to create and how people perceive me. You’ve helped me prepare for important meetings, interviews and reintroduced mindfulness and meditation.

Coaching is helping me to think about my own personal development, by focusing on the skills I already have in a ‘space’ that I haven’t had before, and being confident about what I have to offer.

I’ve really enjoyed our first ‘phase’ of working together and am keen to continue working with you Zandrea – thank you so much.

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