Zandrea Stewart

Founder of Inspired Purpose

Zandrea has throughout her career actively championed the importance of prevention, equity, respect, personal efficacy for the creation of opportunities, within her operational and senior leadership roles across health and social care. This has led to Zandrea being at the forefront of government led national policy development over the past 10 years which has sought to promote the rights of people with Autism, Mental Health and Learning Disability, through her national health and social care advisory roles influencing best practice.

Zandrea has led partnership working over the past 15 years with systems and organisations in their development of a shared vision for the future founded on good values and active inclusive coproduction with communities and individuals.

As an executive and wellbeing coach Zandrea coaches individuals and teams across community not for profit organisations and with senior managers and teams within business and the public sector to support them in realising their purpose and potential.  Alongside her holistic, value driven leadership style and a love for creativity, this has led her to innovation and enabling transformation agendas.

Zandrea’s passion for nature and the environment, people’s wellbeing and compassion has seen her create the conditions to align these through Shrin Yoko and her involvement in the environment, where she provides the opportunity for people to connect with nature and themselves through free community sessions and brings this into her unique coaching and leadership offers.

Zandrea believes that through the development of Inspired Purpose it will provide the space in which a connected, compassionate community can flourish across all parts. Not divided by status but rather brought together through a shared purpose inspired by shaping a society where personal wellbeing, compassion, emotional intelligence and ecological responsibility are used to develop synergy across systems and deliver successful outcomes for all communities.

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