Robyn Harris

Robyn is a wellbeing practitioner specialising in MetaConsciousness™ sharing with others how our thoughts and beliefs impact on our wellbeing, and how our bodies respond to these and to the world around us.

Through her practice in MetaConsciousness™, and her interest in trauma, Robyn supports people in interpreting the messages from their body, so that they can support themselves in creating a life of greater wellbeing, freedom and joy.

Robyn is passionate about helping people explore their own unique and individual ways of reconnecting with a deep sense of self. She strongly believes that if we want to experience real and lasting wellbeing, we need to be true to who we really are. For Robyn this means listening to – and following – our own unique inner wisdom and guidance.

As part of her practice she holds a safe and nurturing space in which to intuitively and gently inspire others to reconnect with their sense of authenticity, purpose and love of Life.

Robyn is a lover of Nature and animals and enjoys exploring the insights they can offer to help us on our journey.

She believes that, when we realise we are the creators of our own future, we begin to understand that we can do this in the ways which are most effective for us as an individual – and we can make it fun!

Robyn is also fluent in British Sign Language and is passionate about actively promoting inclusion for all.

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