Angela Watson

Angela has a background as a Nurse and NHS Leader for over 17 years. She is also a respected and experienced coach working across the globe speaking and facilitating on the delivery compassionate and connected coaching practices. NHS Doctors and Leaders in embedding compassionate and empowering conversations with patients.

Angela brings a deep-rooted value of interconnectivity and diversity, extending the ambition for a Connect Community that connecting people with their wider environment and promotes respect for the planet and all that live within her. She is a champion for Inspired Purposes values and is conscious about our role in enabling the shift within society through care and compassion to tackle the social and environmental challenges of today. Enabling everyone to be in touch with themselves and feel empowered to do their part. all living things.

Angela is also & the founder of The Tree Shirt Project. This project delivers a beautifully designed t-shirts with a positive message and with a responsible provenance. The profits of the Tree Shirts are donated to environmental projects, we are proud to include them as a Inspired Network for mutual benefit project. With the Inspired Purpose Spiral being added to promote the coming together for social and environmental mutual benefit. She also works with her golden Labradors to provide another way for people to feel safe when connecting with difficult feelings.

As an experienced coach and teacher Angela is a part of the development and delivery of the Community Coaching Model and supporting the pilot of the project with a community in Wales with community members and volunteers.

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