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Advice and support to small community businesses

We think that everyone should be able to access the same opportunities for business and community development as those available to corporate organisations regardless of affordability. We therefore provide the same advice and support to small community businesses as we do to larger organisations. We want to help you enable your people and communities to identify their challenges, work together to find their answers, build resilience and find opportunities for you and your environment to FLOURISH!

Community Coaching

Community coaching is a development tool that encourages communities and their members to achieve their full potential and work together to build social capital.
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Nature walks for Wellbeing

Nature walks are fun and inspiring. Each one offer something different for people to explore, even when walking the same route. They help individuals to develop a connection with nature, each other and their self.
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Holistic Coaching and Leadership support

Holistic coaching helps people in every aspects of their lives. It transform body, mind and spirit and connects these three life aspects together. This coaching will help you live and work with more intention and mindfulness.

Strategic Coaching

Strategic coaching is a proactive approach helps identify needs before they become problems. It opens up opportunities for learning before an urgent change is required and increases the chances of success for everyone involved.

Community Network and Mentorship Development

Working as a collective leads to greater impact. By involving communities, there is a greater opportunity to identify the key issues they face. This allows the design of fully accessible services they really need and want. Through this process opportunities are created for communities to take more responsibility for their own well being.

Diverse Communities Consortium Development

We can support you through all the stages of community consortium development from scoping to stakeholder engagement, on to operational development, incorporation and bidding for/winning contracts.

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