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Delivering sustainable business

In a more conscious and responsible world

To be sustainable, businesses need to demonstrate that they are conscious and responsible organisations. This is important not only for their shareholders and workforce, but also the wider community and environment.

We can help you achieve your ethical aspirations whilst also embedding social and environmental value within your future business model. Inspired Purpose can facilitate the right, mutually beneficial, connections enabling you to increase your positive impact.

When you become an Inspired Network member and ‘wear the badge’, you will also contribute to the support we offer individuals and communities for free, and the subsidised work we carry out with small community businesses.

Inspired Purpose will help you deliver your own personal and business outcomes whilst simultaneously improving social and environmental outcomes. With so much at stake for our communities and planet – why wouldn’t you achieve your own Inspired Purpose?

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful development tool for senior leaders in any organisation. Our sessions are skilled and targeted conversations to challenge and support executives to help themselves, and their business, to excel.
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Reconnection Retreats

Day or overnight stays in the wilderness (Covid dependant). These are an intense offer for teams wanting to reconnect with each other in repurposing their business and team focus.

Compassionate Leadership

Compassionate leadership is empathic, understanding and gives people the space, time and attention they need to thrive. We can help your team learn from one another using techniques such as peer executive coaching, learning sets, modelling behaviours and by acting as a critical friend.

Adding Value and Repurposing

Working with boards and SMT and the wider workforce, these sessions are a blend of coaching, workforce development, culture development.

We can bring you together with others to build social and environmental projects that have mutual benefits for those involved. By engaging with these projects, you can demonstrate corporate responsibility whilst also making a real impact.
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The Inspired Purposed Inspired Network is a unique network with members from across all aspects of society. By becoming a valued member of the Inspired Purpose Inspired Network you can demonstrate your ethical and moral values.

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If you are interested in working with us and joining our Inspired Network, please complete your details and one of our collaborators will be in touch.

The ‘Inspired Network’ includes key partners who share our values and aspirations. By joining, you will co-create a culture of mutual benefit, directly adding social and environmental value. When you join you will receive the Inspired Purpose Icon. This demonstrates your commitment and support for our Inspired Network and contribution to the benefits we co-create.

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